I always knew that happiness lies in doing something that completes you, makes you feel passionate and that challenges you to give everything you got. As a wedding photographer, I discovered that life is beautiful, that Mondays mean a fresh start and that there is nothing better than being able to keep loving memories forever. I have the power of inmortalizing the most especial moments in life. I am Peruvian, I am 27 years old and I did landscape photography for 3 years. Attracted by its lakes and volcanoes, in February 2016 I arrived in Guatemala. Before returning to Peru, I met Sonia, the girl of my dreams. Because of her, I made the decision to move to this bewitching country. Motivated and convinced by love, I became a wedding photographer. Now I tell stories and capture the most important and happy moments in the lives of couples in Guatemala, Peru and the rest of the planet. Without a doubt, I have the best job in the world.

The perfect couple, the perfect wedding.

I am looking for authentic and untraditional couples, who don’t believe in protocols or poses. And above all, that they are madly in love with each other. My task will be to capture your essence. My favorite weddings are those that take place in incredible places, where we can interact with nature, where you can feel the magic in the air and enjoy the result of all the months of planning every single detail for your special day.

I believe that the connection that exists at the moment we meet for the first time will be very important. I do not pretend to be just another vendor. I want to become your friend, gain your absolute trust so that you can be able to enjoy every moment of that great day, while I document your wedding from within.

About me

I am curious, restless by nature and I love the simple things in life. I prefer to spend the nights star gazing or hanging out with good friends rather than partying. My favorite things in life are the sea, landscapes, nature, traveling and walking. I like going to new places to be able to find myself and rediscover from a personal perspective things that were already discovered. I like to be able to find the extraordinary in the mundane and let myself be guided by my heart and intuition.

Photography is my way of life, my own way of seeing the world, discovering it and knowing it. Overcome fears, break boundaries and pursue dreams.

Giancarlo GallardoWedding Photographer
Giancarlo Photographer
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